Monday, July 15, 2013 - Biologist Dr. Eben Gering- studying damselflies in Hawaii


This week we interview recent UTexas Biology PhD Dr. Eben Gering.  Eben discusses Damselfies, the ecosystem of Hawaii, invasive species, and male mimicry.  DJ Ganglion's last show before going to grad school!

Monday July 8, 2013 - JJ Hermes: White Dwarf Stellar Pulsations


JJ Hermes graduated from UT Austin with a degree in Physics in 2007. Since then he has become an expert in a class of stars called white dwarfs, studying under one of the sub-field's most prominent experts, Professor Don Winget.  As an undergraduate, JJ was the former Editor in Chief of the Daily Texan.  He has spent 184 nights using telescopes at the McDonald Observatory on 29 individual visits.  He's the author or coauthor of 21 refereed publications.  JJ's PhD is titled "Gravitational Waves, Pulsations, and More: High-Speed Photometry of Low-Mass He-Core White Dwarfs".
This episode has been post processed due to spurious noise during the recording process.

Monday, July 1, 2013 - Voyager 1, Heart Regeneration, and Ancient DNA Sequencing


Voyager 1, Heart Regeneration, and Ancient DNA Sequencing are current science news events on this week's episode of They Blinded Me with Science on KVRX Austin.


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